The 2012 Betty Mitchell Awards

Artistic Director Paul Welch and Artistic Producer Jonathan Brower at the 2012 Bettys. (Photo courtesy Aldona Barutowicz)

The 15th Annual Betty Mitchell Awards took place last night and Third Street Theatre was delighted for an excuse to dress up and celebrate the multitude of talent this great city of Calgary has to offer!

It was our first night out on the town since our launch and we were happy to see newly acquainted and familiar faces sharing in the revelry of the evening. We were certainly tickled by the Official Betty Trailers that led up to the show during the week prior and literally LOL’d watching Russell Bowers and Simon Mallet’s “boss” rap duet Theatre Life. Like we said, the talent in this city leaves us speechless…

We’d like to congratulate all the winners, nominees, and the entire Calgary theatre community for a season full of great shows, hard work and passionate dedication to theatre and the arts.

We already did this at The Auburn, but once again, a toast to YYC Theatre! We can’t wait to be part of this next season.

-Third Street Theatre


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