Global TV interviews cast members of This is How I Left

Global Television Weekend Edition News Anchor Reid Fiest interviewed cast members Alyssa Bradac and Kyall Rakoz live on air on about Third Street and the upcoming production of This is How I Left. One lucky audience member tuned into the show even won a pair of tickets to this week’s show.

When asked about the appeal of This is How I Left, opening Thursday, March 28 – 31st, Rakoz stated that, “all stories are universal, love is love.”

See the interview below (link available until April 6, 2013)

It was a great morning for Alyssa Bradac & Kyall Rakoz who were accompanied in studio by coffee and our Artistic Producer, Jonathan Brower. On the other side of Calgary after the live studio interview, the duo was recognized and asked for autographs while in line at Diner Deluxe.

We are so grateful to have had Global Calgary take notice of what Third Street is doing in the Calgary theatre community and the queer community.

In promoting our Creation Ensemble, we were fascinated to learn that to an average viewer, the word queer was potentially more challenging than the word gay on live television, but we were still allowed to use it as our ensemble is officially titled the “Queer Theatre Creation Ensemble” in addition to our company’s tag as ‘Calgary’s only queer theatre company’.

We’d love to hear your thoughts about the interview and about terminology such as “queer” vs. “gay” and etc. Start the conversation by commenting below.

*If the above video isn’t showing up, CLICK HERE

– The Third Street Team

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