queerRites reading series

Honouring our vision to produce new queer work as well as mentor and provide a space to promote queer artists, we have launched this series of 5 staged readings of new queer Canadian work in development. This series will culminate with the YOUth Riot* 10-minute play readings in May 2015.


Oblivion_ImageOblivion by Jonathan Brower
April 2015

Pressed on all sides to deal with his mental and emotional well being, Tim seeks a solution to his struggles through a controversial life changing vaccine. Turmoil ensues when he realizes getting the vaccination puts his relationships, beliefs, and entire life history in jeopardy.

Oblivion was workshopped at U of C’s ND Theatre in March 2014 and is currently being dramaturged.

Jonathan Brower, Playwright

Jonathan is the Artistic Director and co-founder of Third Street Theatre, Calgary’s Queer Theatre Company. He holds a BA in Communications and BFA in Drama from the University of Calgary. He has worked in communications and arts for many non-profit organizations in the areas of radio, theatre and ministry. A born and raised bilingual Calgarian, Jonathan is a playwright, director, producer, actor and musician. He pursues arts as a vehicle for discussion, education and activism primarily concerning LGBTQ issues. Recently his artistic interests have focused on creating, discovering and preserving LGBT history in order to preserve the past and better inform our future community. Jonathan is also passionate about finding the common ground upon which relationships, faith and sexual orientation can co-exist peacefully.


pamrocker_thumba new play by Pam Rocker
Coming Late 2015

Pam is an award-winning writer, artist, activist, and advocate. She has trained in playwrighting and screenwriting in Canada and Los Angeles. She has always sought to entertain with a purpose, and challenge prejudice in non-prescript ways. Dozens of her scripts have been seen on stage and screen. Beginning with her first plays Searching, and Fork Stuck In The Road, she has always sought to entertain with a purpose, and challenge prejudice in non-prescript ways. Her recent plays include HeterophobiaCaffeine & Sex, an award winner at the Alberta 24 Hour Playwrighting Contest, and Flesh and Bones, which has enjoyed numerous productions in Alberta. Dozens of her scripts have been seen on stage and screen, and she continues to seduce and surprise with her wit and accessibility. An active member of Calgary’s GLBTTQ community, she has shown tremendous strength and vulnerability in both her personal and professional life. She is currently working on her collection of non-fiction darkly comedic essays, and a new project that just may solve overpopulation! Pam is the Affirming Coordinator at Hillhurst United Church where she works to create safe-spaces with Affirm United / S’Affirmer Ensemble in United Churches all over Canada.

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