The Passion of Sergius & Bacchus

The-Passion-of-Sergius-and-Bacchus---Poster-1by the Queer Theatre Creation Ensemble

April 23 – May 3rd, 2014

7:30 pm at Epcor Centre’s MOTEL
2:00 pm Matinees: April 26, 27, May 3
Pay What You Can Preview: April 22

Screen Shot 2013-10-09 at 4.10.19 PM

Facilitated by Paul Welch
Stage Managed by Anne McIlveen
Set, Lights, Costume Design by Leon Schwesinger
Sound Design by Michael Wanless
Dramaturgy by Laurel Green
Produced by Jonathan Brower

Queer Theatre Creation Ensemble: Matt McKinney, Amy Sawka, Simon Tottrup

The Passion of Sergius and Bacchus is an original work by Third Street Theatre’s 2013-2014 Queer Theatre Creation Ensemble. Last year’s ensemble created the critically acclaimed and Critter nominated play This is How I Left.

The Passion of Sergius and Bacchus takes its inspiration from Dr. John Boswell’s research on same-sex unions in pre-modern europe, current issues surrounding traditional marriage, and the ancient story of two openly gay Roman soldiers who were secretly Christian. They were wed by church officials in a private brother-making ceremony called Adelphopoiesis, and were later executed for their religious beliefs.

The Queer Theatre Creation Ensemble is a group of emerging artists selected each year to explore their own personal artistry through a collaborative process, and work together to create a poignant piece of queer themed theatre. The ensemble allows queer and queer-minded talent to be mentored, stretch their perception of what is possible, and find authentic ownership as playwrights and performers. The final product for this year’s ensemble is the world premiere of The Passion of Sergius and Bacchus.

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