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What is the Queer Theatre Creation Ensemble?

Our Ensemble is a team of passionate artists—from fields ranging from directing to playwriting—interested in the artistic exploration of issues pertaining to queer individuals and/or the queer community.

What type of questions will be investigated in the creation process?

What angers us? What excites us? What are our hopes, dreams and fears? What does it mean to be queer? What do we want others to know and understand, and how can we do that effectively? These are the questions we hope to explore throughout the creation process.

Who is facilitating the creation process?

The Ensemble will be facilitated by Third Street Theatre’s Artistic Director, Paul Welch. He will be bringing in professional artists from the community for mentorship during the creation process.

What do rehearsals look like?

Participants are given the opportunity to develop and foster performance skills and are tasked with individual and group exercises to deepen the relationship of the Ensemble, while exploring personal artistry and authenticity. Exercises consist of personal challenges, group activities/events, research opportunities, workshops, and professional mentorship.

What will the final product look like?

The final product will be a theatrical piece that is truly reflective of the unique voices assembled. It will be derived wholly from the participants of the Ensemble over the course of 6 months and will speak to their artistic style while addressing the topics they have been moved to explore.

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