Artistic Director/Producer: Jonathan Brower

Third Street is a theatre company dedicated to the positive promotion of queer culture, stories, and voices, with a focus on production, mentorship, and the artistic development of queer and queer-minded talent. We are committed to work that engages and educates the community on relevant social issues pertaining to the often marginalized queer community.

Vision Statement
Third Street strives to become a leading, respected alternative theatre company known for producing authentic and engaging work that explores the stories of our past, examines our present, and exposes our evolving understanding of what it means to be human.

Third Street was formed in June 2012 by Jonathan Brower and Paul Welch in response to a growing concern regarding the continued negative social attitudes towards the queer community and an unfulfilled need they observed: the authentic and artful representation of queer content on our stages. As a result, Third Street Theatre has become a vehicle to artistically explore, examine, and expose both past and present social attitudes towards queer culture.

Welch left the company in early 2014 to pursue a directing career, leaving Brower to continue its mandate as sole artistic director. Originally a non-profit based out of Calgary, Alberta, Third Street changed its status to an ad-hoc theatre company in September 2016 with the intention of creating work that tours nationally.

Artistic associates have included Eugenio Saenz, Alyssa Bradac, Kyall Rakoz and Leon Schwesinger.

Board members have included: Barb Mitchell, Lisa Stowe, Weston Jacques, Emiko Muraki, Grant Stevens, Jon Cornea, Bernadette Saraceni, Kyall Rakoz.

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