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Third Street Theatre celebrates queer arts

By Stephen Hunt, Calgary Herald August 15, 2012.

Third Street company Paul Welch & Jonathan Brower at the Calgary 2012 Critics Awards. (Photo courtesy Katy Whitt)

Calgary’s theatre scene just got a new member.

It’s the Third Street Theatre, a new company founded by Paul Welch and Jonathan Brower.

“Having been a part of the Sweet City Celebrations as a drag performer,” said actor Welch (With Bells On), “I realized that there truly is a need to engage the public and celebrate queer arts, culture, and diversity in our city.”

The company really took flight during the Magnetic North Theatre Festival this past June, says Brower.

“Paul’s had it in his head for a little while and I’ve wanted to do something along those lines for quite a while as well,” Brower said.

The duo have already set in motion a three-pronged set of what could prove to be interesting projects.

Last week, they launched a project in Calgary’s 2012 Grassroots Grants, in which 2012 Cultural Ambassadors and the general public vote on their favourite 12 projects, with each receiving a grant of $1200.

In no time at all, the Third Street Project found itself sitting pretty in third place in the voting, Brower says.

“It’s only been a week, so we’re doing well,” Brower said. “We’re hoping — the Queer Creation Ensemble is what that grant is for — even if we don’t get the grant, we’re still going ahead with it. The submission for that is due September 15 and then we’ll start auditioning for it.”

Additionally, the group have booked dates in late April at the Motel in Epcor Centre, during which time they will present a play to be named as soon as they confirm the rights.

The third project is a playwriting contest.

“That is currently accepting submissions,” Brower said. “The deadline for that is February first, and then we’ll present a staged reading and we’ll workshop it with professional actors and a director. That’ll be the prize for the best. Those are the projects that are in the works.”

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