University of Calgary Communications Department Shines Spotlight on Third Street’s Artistic Producer

Facilitating Change Through Calgary’s Theatre Community & Beyond

(Photo courtesy Pamela MacDonald)

Jonathan Brower has spent the summer working in communications and marketing for Lunchbox Theatre and has just cofounded and launched Calgary’s only Queer Theatre Company – Third Street Theatre where he is the Artistic Producer. Third Street will be engaging amateur, emerging and professional artists this fall, including U of C students, with their Queer Theatre Creation Ensemble (submissions due Sept 15) and their New Queer Playwriting Competition (deadline Feb 1, 2013).  The company launched August 8, 2012 and has just been featured in the Calgary Herald.

Jonathan is a current U of C student, having returned to school in July 2011 to finish his BA in Communications after a 3-year hiatus where he launched a Webradio station and worked in HR, Event Planning, Administration and Communications for a local church. In August of 2011, while in summer session, Jonathan publicly came out as a homosexual. That same year, he participated in the It Gets Better Campaign at the University of Calgary (December 2011) to encourage the queer community that there is such a thing as queer people of faith and to raise awareness about members of the queer community being spiritually and emotionally bullied to change their sexual orientation. The video had 1200 hits in its first week alone. He then wrote his own piece for the 3rdAnnual U of C Coming Out Monologues (March 2013) and played the lead role in the U of C Drama Department’s Taking Flight Festival musical Mating Season, while taking a full course load and working 2 part time jobs.  Jonathan has 2 years left in his BFA in Drama and is thrilled to be back at the U of C this fall with many a project on the go.


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